Planning Your Visit

Got a few Questions before you Visit?

One of the things that unites us at Kyle United Methodist Church is a shared experience of being welcomed into a loving church community.  As a result, we work hard to welcome others.

How to dress

You will find our congregation will dress fairly casually, although a few like to show up in “Sunday best.” We aren’t fussy about what people wear. Bring a Bible if you’d like, but we do have some to share and you won’t be lost if you aren’t carrying one. At this time, we are observing social distancing and encouraging facemasks during the 9am worship service. At the smaller 11AM service, they are required.

Where to Enter

Our services are currently being held in the Family Life—the larger building on the East side the church with the red doors. There are doors in front and back which are handicap accessible.  We hope to return to the historic sanctuary later this year. The handicap accessible entrance is at the back of that building.

Children and Silence in Church

The church is usually filled with the joyful noise of people visiting and singing. The presence of children in the church reminds us that worship is about coming together as a diverse community to share in the grace of God, so we don’t mind if they aren’t always quiet. They will be invited to join the Children’s Director during the service for a short lesson and there is a nursery with rockers and changing tables available.

We like the sound of children, but you will find that we do make space for silence, especially in those times when we all need a moment to get centered. Our hope is that children will be drawn in to sacred space by our example.

We Don’t Make Visitors Stand Out

We recognize that sometimes people want to check things out before they get involved.  We are a friendly place, and we try to greet all who enter, but we are being careful not to shake hands while the threat of Covid is still upon us. We do not call out visitors during the service, but we do ask people to register their attendance if they are willing to share their information and let us know if they want to be contacted or added to our mailing list.

Our pastor is usually available after the service and loves to speak with new people—but she will not ask you to join the church immediately or expect you to give or get involved in any of our ministries right away unless you’d like to.

Joining the Church

Those who wish to grow deeper in faith and join the church will be invited to speak to the pastor so that she may answer questions and share information as needed about the United Methodist church in general, and our local church in particular. Our vows include promises to follow Jesus Christ and to serve the church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and your witness.

All are Welcome. All means All.

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