Blessings and Missions

The Blessing Box

Our Blessings Box at the back of the church provides a place where the community can give and receive non-perishable food. We hold regular food drives to keep the box fully stocked, and we provide seasonal items like warm gloves from time to time. We offer a visiting table under the shade tree where people can rest a while, too.

Seasonal Missions

Our list of seasonal missions is long. From blood drives to Christmas toy drives, to free garage sales, ramp builds, and disaster relief, we are usually up to something in the community. We share our space with Meals on Wheels, scouting groups, and other community organizations and support their missions when we can. Check the newsletter to see what is going on now.

Global Missions

Our founder, John Wesley said, “The world is my parish.” We seek to serve the world around us through our apportionments to the larger Methodist Church, and through support of organizations like Heifer International and True Vineyard Ministries.

The United Women in Faith seek to connect and nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership development, creative fellowship and education so that they can inspire, influence and impact our local and global communities.

Whatever you did for the least of these, that you did for me.

Matthew 25:40

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